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Tables and Chairs
Brown Folding Chair$1.27
White Folding chair$1.44
White Padded chair$3.45
8'x30" Rectangle Tables$9.20
48" Round Table$9.78
60" Round Tables$9.78
Serpentine Table$10.35
Square Card Tables$8.05
Cocktail / Cabaret Table$14.38
6'x30" Rectangle Tables$9.20
Serpentine Bar /w skirt$42.32
20"x20" Napkins $0.86
60"x60" Color Toppers$6.61
90" Round$11.50
108" Round$13.80
120" Round$20.70
132" Round$21.85
60"x120" Rec. Banq.$11.50
90"x132" Floor Length$21.85
90"x156" Floor Length$21.85
5' Serpentine Tablecloth$10.35
*Prices for colors & specialty fabrics may very
*Call or visit your rental specialist for special order linens.
Chair Covers Folding Chair*$3.74
Chair Covers Ball Room Chair*$3.74
*Special order Sashes available in select colors $0.58 to $1.73 each
12" Dinner Plates $0.69
9" & 10" Dinner Plates $0.59
7 1/2" Salad Plates $0.59
6 1/2" Bread&Butter Plates $0.59
Coffee/Tea Cups $0.59
10" Square Dinner Plates$0.93
8 1/4" Square Salad Plates$0.86
7" Square Bread&Butter Plates$0.83
16oz. Tea/Bev. Glass $0.63
10 1/2oz. Goblet $0.58
6 1/2oz. Goblet $0.44
Champagne Flutes $0.69
Rock / Old Fashion$0.45
Wine 81/2 oz$0.52
13 oz Balloon Wine Glasses$0.63
Pilsner Glasses$0.63
Punch Cups$0.42
Assorted vases and votives available for $0.58-$27.60.
Steak knives $0.58
Silver plate $0.69
Punch Fountains/Coffee Makers
Punch Bowl 11 Qt. Glass$11.50
Punch Cups $0.42
Champaign Bucket table -top$11.50
Fountain 4.5 Gal. SS$63.25
Fountain Marquis Table Top $69.00
Coffee Maker 100 Cup$23.00
Samavor 50 Cups$46.00
Chocolate Fountain $115.00
Chocolate 2lb bag of Belgiam$16.05
Chaffer 8.3 Quart (SS)*$20.70
Chaffer 8.3 Qt (SS w/Br.)*$29.90
Chaffer 4 QT. Queen Anne*$25.30
Chaffer 6 Qt Oval (SS w/Br.)*$27.60
* Extra Pans and tongs available for rental
Extra Sterno available $1.33
Misc. Serving 
Carving Station / heat lamp$40.25
Light Box with Tray$51.75
Ice Carving Molds for Sale$80.25
Tray, small $4.89
Tray, 18" Oval Service$11.50
Misc Servicing Pieces$1.50-$4.00
Wait Trays and Stands$4.00-$6.00
Cake Stands 
19" Ornate Round Silver Plateau$40.25
15" Round Silver Plateau$40.25
19" Ornate Square Silver Plateau$40.25
18"  Round Silver Plateau$40.25
Cinderella Cake Tier Nickel$32.20
Cinderella Cake Tier Brass$32.20
Huppah Wedding Arch $48.88
Wedding Heart. Nickel$50.03
Wedding Heart. Brass$44.28
Wedding Dbl Ring Nickel$50.53
Trellis Arch Wrought Iron$44.28
Trellis Arch White$41.40
Heritage Arbors$57.50
Bamboo Arbor Plain$94.88
Bamboo Arbor Draped $140.88
Colonnade, Complete Set$184.00
Column large Sizes $28.75
Columns med$23.00
Column Small Sizes $17.25
Colonnade, Parts*$17.25
*Call or visit your rental specialist for prices.
Wedding Accessories
(2) Kneeling Bench Brass$40.25
(2) Kneeling Bench White$40.25
(2) Kneeling Bench Nickel$42.55
Registry/Podium Brass$28.75
Registry/Podium White$28.75
3 Light Centerpiece*$11.50
*with globe Nickel/Wrought Iron 
5 light Centerpiece Wrought Iron$17.25
Stanchions w/chain (2)$6.90
Switch Candles (24hr)$1.73
Beaded Reception Mailbox White$21.85
Beaded Reception Mailbox Ivory$21.85
Cherub Reception Box$41.40
Spiral Trees$11.50
Cedar Trees$11.50
Bamboo Trees$11.50
Additional silk flowers and plants available.
Red Carpet Isle Runner 25'$46.00

Floor Lamp 4 globe$23.00
Planter Lamps 1 Glob$11.50
Extension Cords, 50' white$3.45
15 Light Spiral Brass$36.80
15 Light Spiral White$36.80
15 Light Fan Brass$36.80
15 Light Fan White$36.80
10 Light Spiral / Globe Nickel$40.25
10 Light Fan w/ Globe Nickel$40.25
9 Branch  w/ Globe Nickel$40.25
9 Branch  Wrought Iron$37.95
5 Light Black$37.95
7 Light Adjustable Brass$25.88
7 Light Adjustable White$25.88
7 Light w/globe Nickel$34.50
3 Light Unity Brass$25.30
3 Light Unity White$25.30
Double Ring Unity White$25.30
Double Ring Unity Nickel$28.75
3 Light Unity Nickel$28.75
3 Light Unity Black$28.75
Pair of Aisle Brass$25.30
Pair of Aisle White$25.30
Pair of Aisle Nickel$31.05
Pair of Black Iron Torch$5.75
Lighter/Snuffer each$11.50
All candelabras include mechanical candles and wicks EXCEPT for wrought iron.
All GLASS candelabras include 1 (4hr) votive candle.  
Additional candles available for purchase.  Your choice of votive or floating.

Misc. Outdoor Fun
Grill Tow able (Charcoal)$66.70
Stock Pot 40QT. w/burner$34.50
Astro Turf 12'x12'$24.84
Call or visit your rental specialist for tent rental and prices.

Dance Floors
3'x3' Sections$11.50
9'x12' Complete (12 pieces)$149.50
12'x12' Complete (16 pieces)$195.50
15'x15' Complete (25 pieces)$310.50
18'x18' Complete (36 pieces)$437.50

All prices are subject to change.

7% Georgia sales tax included.


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